Sunday, December 1, 2013


This week seemed to fly past in a blur.

Tiling continued.  I took the 12mm strips to the powdercoaters with my off white wall tile and matched a colour for powdercoating.  It was worth the effort, as the strips blend in seamlessly with the tiles, on the rake under the window etc. Both bathrooms are ready for grouting tomorrow.  Look at those recesses!

Fences went up on both sides.  It sapped alot of my energy this week, lots of liaising. We now have privacy along our hallway and the light court has taken shape.  I would like to clad and stain the inside fence line of the light court and plant some Moss White birches, underplanted with clivia or something similar.  The electrician has put a powerpoint out there, switched inside the hall, and I will place some uplights in the light court.

Plasterers finally finished, and I cleaned all upstairs today ready for the painters to start tomorrow.  Dusty work!  Therapeutic though.

Electricians did more cut outs downstairs. Frameless shower screens were measured.

Architraves went on front bay window, and plantation shutters were measured.  They won't make it in by xmas, but will be worth the wait.  Hoping that my black roller blinds for the rear area (motorised!) will be in by xmas eve though!

We've packed the storage shed to capacity.

Not as many exciting photos this week.

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  1. We just had a skylight installed into the ensuite shower and it feels like you are standing outside with a clear view of the clouds and sky above. I'm sure yours feel the same - it's such a lovely feature to have. I love the long view you have straight through to the yard. I'd just paint that fence near the light well black/charcoal which will make it recede into the background. Planted up with some birch and ground covers will look great (we too will be doing something similar to achieve privacy from the neighbours.) xx