Monday, December 16, 2013


Each week ramps up just that bit more.

Not long to go now.

Bath went in. This was no mean feat.  Stone composite bath was very heavy.  Imagine 4 strong men struggling to get it up and around the U shaped stairwell, it was very difficult. I was very grateful.  Then me shining a torch underneath whilst the 4 guys lifted it up and onto the waste within millimetres!  Far out.  Really pleased with it.

Shower screens were installed.

Painting inside continued, the back room looks much better all white.

Basins and tapware started to be installed.  Love that wall hung basin in the bathrooms!

Each night the builder would work til late installing the oak flooring when the trades had all left.  He finished it after working all day Saturday and Sunday as well.  Love the crisp stairs.

Original fretwork was reinstated in the hallway and I love the combination of 1920s original with the contemporary feel of the home.

I painted one of the brick walls on our boundary in our back yard in a charcoal, in anticipation of a cubby/fort being built this week.  I think I need to do the gutter as well.

I continued to clean up the dust, to try to make the last week easier, dirty work!!

Chasing the stone benches and marble splashback, hoping it will all be ready for installation next week.

Hydronic panels started to be installed as well.

Add in a 2 year old who won't sleep at night again, and a sick 5 year old.  Plus christmas looming.  Starting to feel slightly loony with tiredness. It will be worth it!!

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  1. Hi, you must be itching to move in now. It's coming together beautifully - amazing about the similarities between our two houses. Is that an Astra Walker shower head I see? If so we have the same one going into our main bathroom. The wall hung basin is a bit special and your floors are lovely too. We had to rip down our old front fence as it was beyond repair and I've been thinking about some designs for it's replacement. I noticed you had/have a white picket out the front. Is it still there? I'm thinking about painting ours black.... too much do you think? xx