Sunday, December 8, 2013


The builder and the trade worked exceptionally hard this week.  Some days there were painters, electricians, cabinet makers, builders, plumbers, roof plumbers and renderers all on site at the same time.

Cabinetry carcasses for kitchen, laundry, linen x 2, main robes, entertainment unit, desk storage area - all got installed this week.  The cabinet makers worked their hearts out. Attention to detail was marvellous.  A few slight changes, but all works in really well and makes the most of every square inch of space.

Stone for benches and splashback were measured, what a process!

Strapping and rendering to the facade of the house is now complete.  Front door is on.

Tiler finished and grouted our powder room hex feature wall, both bathrooms and the laundry floor.

Lots of fiddly bits finished off, including the deck.

Upstairs bathroom caulked ready for bath install.

Painters nearly finished upstairs, what a difference it makes.

Packing and cleaning continues.

Final 2 weeks now, counting down!


  1. Funny you should describe this - there have been days when the tradies seem to be tripping over each other. Looks like you have overtaken us now. Our tiler is yet to start. I checked the tiles that were delivered last week and discovered they were the wrong thickness, so we are now frantic trying to get them replaced as it's going to hold up the whole job - ahhh. Another same-same feature - our bathrooms floors are a bluestone hex! It's looking fantastic!!! Only two weeks to go - yay. xx

  2. All looks so gorgeous. The deck is very impressive. What type of tree is that, that is growing out of the deck?
    I think cabinetry going in is very exciting.

    1. hi Laura. Many thanks. The tree is a gingko biloba. It has lovely fan shaped leaves and turns a lovely autumn golden before dropping its leaves. Mine is now looking a little lime green, so I hope it will get through its first summer! yes, cabinetry is one of the most exciting phases!!