Friday, December 27, 2013


We are in!

It's taken me an extra week to post, as things have been rather hectic to say the least.

It was a mammoth week up to last Friday, the builder (we owe it all to him!) and trades worked around the clock.  All got done on time, just some extra painting and cabinetry to be finished off in January.

We are so pleased.

The move happened on Monday, then turned around the rental back to the agent by the following day (xmas Eve).  Can't believe we achieved it.  Our new house already feels like home.

So many things happened simultaneously that last week, it was a blur.  One good memory worth a mention was my marble splashback going in on the Wednesday.  250kg, one single piece of Statuaretto marble, took 8 men to get it in.  Far out. The attention to detail in that kitchen is splendid.  Love that fridge handle and the range hood and island bench legs!!  And yes, the cubby was built, it was all the boys wanted to see, and they absolutely love it and the sandpit and their 'bike' garage underneath.

I feel very lucky and overly pleased with the result, I still can't believe this is our home.

Here are some initial photos just before we moved in.  I'll put some more in when I catch my breath.

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  1. Hi, you did well finding time to post this! WOW - it looks amazing. You must be chuffed at the result. Don't really know where to begin - as soon as I saw the picture of the front door (our's will be black too) that was a good start, but THAT marble splashback - my goodness, it's absolutely beautiful. Totally love the materials you have used in the kitchen. The bathrooms are lovely too and the cubby is great - love the circle cut-outs. Hope your had a great XMAS. Look forward to seeing some more photos in the New Year. xx