Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The last couple of months have been busy.

New shared driveway laid (a great place for scooting!), new side gates are in (makes the view from the street much nicer).  Just need to add a bit more black paint.  Added in a cypress batton screen on our rear deck side to remove the view of the neighbour's rear patio and garage. Landscape design finalised. Pavers and edging bought. Trees selected.  We had a landscaper individually concrete pad in our bluestone pavers, put in the front edging and lay the lawn.  We did all the rear edging, planted all the plants, adding in lots of compost and manure etc.  It was a big job, but we enjoyed it.

The difference a bit of green can make.

The side mature trees make quite a statement!

Lots of citrus in the back garden. And cypress hedges which will become a great screen.

The garden will be well clipped once it starts to grow.

A bit of green in the side light court make a lovely feature, especially at night with the 2 uplights.

We kept some of our old hardwood rafters from what was demolished and made a bench seat under the Golden Robinia tree in the rear yard.  A lovely place to sit.

Now I've just got to keep it all alive, but great timing as the rain has just started.

More underplanting is planned in the near future.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


We are settling in.

A few more final touches are being made.

Skylight in the store has been plastered.  An attempt at connecting our underground power was made, the booking was cancelled by the electrical supplier, resulting in no power from 8am til 4am on a 43 degree day. Don't ask.  Far out.

Rear paling fence was demolished and rebuilt much higher. Once the weather settles down I plan to plant a fast growing hedge along the rear.

Front picket fence was installed, gates go on tomorrow. We painted it black, I am pleased!

Cabinet maker spent another day or so here in the horrid heat finalising last finishing touches.

Planted some more vegies in the veggie patch and feeling more and more at home!