Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yes, it was a big week. But I think the next 2 weeks will be even busier.

After we realised the recesses in the wet areas were larger than the 300x600mm tile it was supposed to accommodate, there was some last minute villa-filling to the recesses and another visit from the water proofer. Our tiler started on Tuesday and by Saturday afternoon the charcoal tiles were down in the bathroom and ensuite and 3/4 of the white wall tiles were up in the ensuite.  The tiler's attention to detail shone through when we inspected the mitre cuts on the recess and the 90 degree corner wall. Very pleasing!  Then we realised that the white tiles that had been delivered and placed on the walls were in fact my choice No 2!  Yes, the tile shop had given me a tile sample of my 2 favourite white tiles with the wrong codes on the back, hence the order went through on the wrong tile.  With everything going on, it did not occur to me to put the sample agains the delivered tile. But, alas, tile choice No 2 actually looks quite good!  Will require a different grout colour as it is not stark white.  And off to the powdercoater to coat angles to match the tile for the bathroom, as a result of the joins on our raking wall and raking window.

New barges and strapping are on the front facade, and the only eaves remaining are on the eastern side now.  The fiddly bits are coming together.

Borer came and we now have underground power cables.

Electrician has been on site and connected our underground electricity and did the cut outs for upstairs.

Plasterers still have a final few things to do.

And after much deliberation, we gave notice at our rental.  So we really will be in by christmas.

Royal Oak was delivered and I spent Saturday afternoon looking through the variations and choosing the pieces for our floating shelves in the boys' bedrooms, the entertainment unit and the bathroom vanity shelf.  There are real deep toned ones as well as lighter with distinct oak character, which I love.

Still trying to get the last of the light fittings.  I did manage a visit to Ross Gardam and his studio on Monday to look at his Oak pendants - natural oak and stained black oak - one for the kitchen.  

Once the kitchen is in I will decide.  The pendants are really lovely.

And it has rained lots and lots, so the mud is through the house again.

We've rented a storage box nearby, so we are carting boxes away already, to take the pressure off on that final weekend.

Managed to get to The Design Files Open House in Hawthorn on Sat for a quick peek, and some inspiration!  The Dulux dog of Victoria, called Violet, was there! How funny.

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  1. Ha, it's funny you should mention last minutes changes regarding the tiling. I'm sure we will have to do some tweaking as well to ensure that the tiles line up with the recesses. My tiler is also doing the waterproofing so he can ensure that the tiles will fit properly before he proceeds with waterproofing. (I'm one of those people that have to have everything line up!) Those pendants are awesome! And lucky you got to visit the TDF Open House - I've been watching via the blog and Instagram - so many gorgeous products in one place! Only four weeks to go. xx