Sunday, November 17, 2013


The plasterers continued this week and finished upstairs.  T giggled watching one of the plasterers on his stilts trowelling the ceiling. It was pretty funny to watch.

The bathrooms were finished, in time for the waterproofer on Thursday.

Tiles arrived to site. Charcoal for the floor, matt white for the walls.

All ready for the tiler to start tomorrow morning. A few minor problems, but I am hoping they get ironed out tomorrow.

Sashless windows were installed and look lovely.

Yarra Water arrived to site for the 4th time this month and finally were able to cut off the old 15mm line and put a new direct 20mm line from our water meter to the pipe in the middle of the road.  Yes, there was a digger, yes they made a big mess, yes, the road is very uneven now.  But we now have water pressure.

The front porch deck was completed and the rear deck is nearly done.

I stained some battons for our gate charcoal to match our cladding.

The boys and I re-planted our veggie patch so that there is some semblance of a back garden when we move in shortly!

Renderer finally came back to do the final coat on our boundary walls = colour chosen by neighbours. And yes, he ordered the wrong colour, and yes it is fluoro green, and yes the neighbours aren't happy.  He said he would come back and sort it out the following day.  No show.  Trying to keep everyone relatively happy is no easy feat. Hmmm.

I think Week 21 might be a big one.

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  1. Everything is moving along very quickly at yours. And you'll have some bathroom photos to post soon - our tiler cannot start for another couple of weeks which is why our place may not be habitable in time for XMAS. As you know we have the same sashless windows, only ours are 3 pane. I actually thought that the top and bottom panes could move independently. I was hoping that we could leave the top pane open at night to allow the breezes in - not keen about having the bottom pane up (too scared that some creature may come inside!) xx