Sunday, November 3, 2013


We entered another phase this week. Gyprocking has commenced!  Upstairs is done (initial part, flushing etc not yet).  I really like the P50 detail, very neat, contemporary.  Builder has installed door jambs with special P50 detail in timber jamb for hard to reach places that would not have been do-able with a P50 steel detail like the rest of the house.  Nice attention to detail.

Cypress decking for deck arrived, plus 40x40 cypress battons for front 'picket' fence.  I will stain the battons charcoal to match the upper level cladding.  We put one coat of clear wood preservative on the timber decking, took a while between rain showers on Sunday, but had some helping hands.  I have used Quantum products for all the staining, and it has been really good.  The Frencham Cypress cladding, decking and battons are really lovely.

We took up concrete path for us and neighbours (don't ask) and got rid of it in skips this morning at 6.30am.  Fence quote accepted, so hopefully that goes in on western side next week sometime.  All takes time to sort out and organise all these little bits and pieces (and to 'liaise' with 'interested' parties).

Given that deck will go down shortly (and be covered up) I went with my landscape architect (who is just giving us some guidance when I feel like we need it - would have loved an 'full service' but budget didn't stretch that far!) to Kilby Trees and selected a Gingko Biloba and a Golden Robinia (to hide back neighbours).  We've planted the Gingko in the deck, and the builder will deck around it with a 150-180mm round cutout.  I am really pleased with how it looks.  Don't ask how I got it from the nursery to the house (T was enveloped in branches in the back seat!).

Check measure happened with cabinet maker and my great designer friend.  Tinkered with a few aspects in laundry (managed to fit in hanging rail below upper cupboards if we lift bottom melamine by 100mm but keep cupboard front low to hide it) and hallway linen (to fit vaccuum and winter coats).

Gas meter was relocated this week, actually was an easier process than I anticipated.  And after getting the run around with Telstra etc, I called out a private firm to re-connect our old 'lead in' phone line to our new phone line from our house.  Who would have thought some simple things could be so painful. Still waiting on water authority to fix our very small pipe going out from our water meter.  They have been 3 times, and dug up the road and everything.  Hmmmm.

Trying to sort out wall tiles for one wall of the powder room.  I am tending towards a charcoal hex 110mm tile, to offset oak floors and black Astra Walker tap ware.

View from back glazing.  You can see how the Golden Robinia will grow to hide the rear neighbour.  It is also planted to get a glimpse of the vibrant green leaves as you walk down the hallway to the rear.

P50 skirt detail.  P50 timber door jamb detail.

W's bedroom all gyprocked.

Cypress decking with clear coating, drying in our bedroom!

Gingko in rear deck. Beautiful leaves.

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  1. Hi - Looks like we are at exactly the same stage. Our plasterboard should be ready for painting by the end of the week. And yes, your plasterboard finish is similar however I think the P50 gives you the 'shadow line' (I think that's the only difference.) Astra Walker (again same-same) and next time (if there ever is one) I would like to try out the black tap ware - it looks hot! Can't wait to see your kitchens and bathrooms. xx