Saturday, November 9, 2013


The black cladding was finished on the upper rear level, once the plaster had been passed up and into the window space. Sashless Aneeta windows will now go in next week (where you can see ply sheet, upstairs and downstairs).  I am pleased with how the black timber 'cave' envelopes the playroom.  Another coat of charcoal stain will shortly be applied.

Gyprocking continued.  Sheets are all up now.  Skylight over the stairs looks even better now!  Eaves under porch, verandah and western side are mostly up.  

More work was completed on the facade. 

Schedule for remaining trades now finalised and booked in, so let's see how the tight timeframe goes until xmas.  

I ordered BrightGreen LED downlights this week, there was a great special.  Just trying to finalised kitchen pendant and bedside pendants, all within a tight budget!

The boys were 'helping' out:

Upper hall:

Rear open plan entertainment area:


  1. The black cladding certainly does look good, doesn't it? What colour are you applying to the front part of the house? Love your tree in the back deck - it will be great once it grows. I am still deciding what type to plant next to our outdoor area. I struggled with our pendant lighting selection too - in the end I chose some George Nelson bubbles but we are also using bare bulbs with black cables. Are you planning to be moved in by XMAS?

    1. The front 'original' weatherboard parts of the house will be painted crisp white! We have very similar parts to our houses! I want to talk to the painter about this - I am thinking either Lexicon Half or White on White (Dulux). What will your white be? Your pendants will be great. Xmas is the deadline, there is alot to do in 5 weeks. It will be a chaotic xmas. The house is bustling at the moment. And it is pouring rain again and site is a mud pit, oh well. When do you think you will be moved in? And, I have slowly done some improvements to my blog, and I took some inspiration from yours! Hope you don't mind.

    2. Hi - New blog formatting is GREAT! We are painting our original cottage in Dulux Whisper White - in fact we are using the same colour internally as well. Our architects (Owen and Vokes and Peters) pretty much use it as standard. Check out some of their finished projects on their website if you want to see what it looks like - I think it's a really lovely shade. We were hoping to be in by XMAS and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed but I'm sure there will be a last minute hitch before everyone pack-up and goes on holidays. So if it's not by XMAS probably end of January. xx