Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Weeks 16 and 17 flew by. Things have been hectic.  A few things have also not gone to plan.  We do have a roof, which is great news.  We also have a deck joists in place.  We also have insulation.  We spent last weekend insulating the ceiling space in the open plan area with thermal and acoustic insulation to dull the noises from upstairs and vice versa.  Also had to dig a trench to enable the gas line to be relocated.  So, all the fun jobs!  The solar hot water we needed for our 6 star energy rating went on the roof (no place for a tank on the ground). All elec and plumbing rough ins are done. Air con rough in also sorted, with a bulkhead unit in the back area so we don't have a split on the wall.  Hard to say whether we really needed it given the double glazing and full on insulation, but we didn't want to regret not putting one in later.
Marble splashback (statuetto) has been honed and is awaiting my visit to choose the final caesarstone benchtop to closely match.
Bath arrived, it is really lovely.  Not sure how we are gong to get it to site!
Lots of internal fix happening. Cavity recesses built to accommodate roller blinds. Skirtings on prior to plastering - aiming for a P50 detail.
Full height 1200mm cavity slider installed and looks amazing.
Slight panic over certain other little things, but we are getting there.
Excitement might kick in next week, not sure yet.

The polished concrete:

Insulated open living area:

Full height cavity slider:

Deck joists are in:


  1. Hi Kate - I'm relatively new to the blogging world and consider myself a technophobe, but if you want any tips just ask. There is a great community out there and a lot of renovators - both DIY or ones like us where a builder is doing all the hard work - been there, done that. I was looking through your older posts the other day - WOW, we have very similar tastes! Love, love, love all your selections. Can't wait to see it all finished. I had a drama with polished concrete on a previous project too. Don't worry, you will be the only one who notices it and once the house is furnished it won't be so obvious. There'll be too many other great features to distract anyways. Love how it is all coming together. We've just got our first coat of 'black' on the extension which has raised more than one eyebrow with the neighbours. Ha xx

  2. Hi Caroline. Likewise, I love your selections and home. The black timber is lovely that you have selected. You went the right choice!! Even thought it is brave. I just love black timber. We have also had comments on ours. Some love it, some don't!! My marble splashback is very similar to your marble slab. I love the distinctiveness of the grain. I also really like OVP's work, I am always trailing through architect's websites for ideas!! Your home will be sensational. I must say I don't know how you do it all with 4 boys. I have 2 boys, and I barely manage!! Would really like to keep in contact, this is a great way to share ideas.

    1. I see you've changed the formatting - much easier to follow now. Yes I'll be here following along with your progress. xx