Sunday, October 13, 2013


The painter put a second coat of charcoal stain on the upper level timber cladding, looks very crisp now.  Roof plumbers came back and put more flashings on the upper level.  A whole lot of decisions about guttering (or should I say spouts), downpipes, profiles, colours.  More cladding in light court and rear ground floor.  Scaffolding came down, took just over one full day to bring down!  Lots of internal carpentry happening in the background with skirts and door jambs etc all going in.  Plumbers were on site on Thursday - we confirmed all the rough in locations, and I took a toilet, basins, tap ware etc to site for plumbers to look at, then took it all back at the end of the day.  Plumbing rough in has now started, in wall cisterns for toilets all in and fit into a 90mm cavity.  Gas and piping for solar gas hot water system on roof now winds it ways up through the floors.  Spent 3 hours on site with the electrician on Saturday to confirm electrical rough in.  Builders worked a 6 day week again. Got measured up for blinds on site, there is more to window furnishings than one expects.  Quotes in for bench tops and marble splash back, that's a whole other story. Power authority not allowing us to upgrade power by using existing setup which sees our power line strung across 2 other neighbour's front yards (!) so unfortunately need to pay for underground power supply and the necessary boring. The boys and I dug up some dirt to make way for the deck, but the weather was not ideal. Back verandah went up.  The remainder of the very old terracotta roof tiles were removed from our main bedroom roof.  New roof programmed for tomorrow - and it has rained almost all day today....

Been a busy week.

Scaffolding coming down:

Back room looks much better without scaffolding coming through eaves!

Rear verandah:

Verandah from below:

Boys making full use of side easement, this may become a routine:

Looking up to roof over main bedroom without roof tiles:

In wall cistern for toilet and T being very helpful:

Digging for back deck:

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  1. Hi - i've just come across your blog (can't believe I haven't stumbled across it before.) Your reno looks amazing! We are at the same stage of our renovation to our worker's cottage in Brisbane. We too are cladding our addition in black. x