Sunday, September 1, 2013


We seemed to have made lots of decisions this week!  Another bath sourced, the original one returned.  Strip drains picked out.  Air con linear slot issue thought through.  Profile of weatherboards sorted.  New front door style, with side light, type of glass insert - all sorted. The remainder of the eaves on the ground level were finished, no mean feat. Frencham Cypress cladding arrived to site, the same day the scaffold arrived!  The weatherboards on the ground floor eastern side were installed, just before the scaffold arrived, to window height.  Our main bedroom weatherboards and linings came off, and yes the front of the house is almost completely rotted through at the base, could almost push it over!  So, a new frame for the front of the house is in order.  Number of original timbers which will remain after the reno - not many!  Builders put in extra bracing this week, in the form of plywood to address some engineering issues.  Hebel power panel arrived and ready to go up on the  two boundary walls, which will be rendered. Some insulation has also arrived to site. Vapour barrier sheeting has gone up on western side of first floor. Roof plumbing and velux windows are imminent.  Plumber spent Saturday roughing in the remainder of the hydronic for the first floor.  I spent Saturday and some of Sunday starting to stain the external cypress cladding - very time consuming. I like the finish.  W helped me out on Sunday, and spent alot of time bounding around the lower levels of the scaffold in his robot undies with work boots - the weather was lovely. We went up to his bedroom on the first floor together, he is very excited. Hope the charcoal will look good on the first level with the black satin aluminium windows and doors.  Slight fatigue at the end of week 9!

Main bedroom without eastern wall!

 Front porch

 Scaffold and cypress has arrived:
 Frencham Cypress:

 Charcoal stained timber cladding:
 Views from scaffold up high (not taken by me!)

 Look at that rake in the wall, lovely:

 W in his bedroom:

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