Sunday, September 15, 2013


This week brought a few major milestones in the build: our front bedroom wall (the facade) was removed and rebuilt, and a new front window to replicate (as close as possible) the old one was ordered.  In the course of one day it was demolished, rebuilt, and wrapped in the vapour sheet.  The timber was completely rotten at the base, so absolutely needed to be done. New front door and side light arrived (the old door was unfortunately past its used by date).  I quite like the rough cast glass.  The U shaped staircase was installed on Thursday.  There will be a 50mm round oak handrail too.  Treads will be clad in oak, a white smoked american oak to match the hall floorboards. The builders trimmed back the rear concrete slab to fit the door tracking, so that the door tracking is flush with the polished concrete.  And on Friday the doors and windows arrived.  Black satin powder coated aluminium.  Look at the size and height of that back door.  The double glazing has been measured and will get installed shortly.  Lock up is not far away....Cabinetry drawings and specs have now been finalised, everything starting to take shape.  And the painting of the timber continues on....

Main bedroom with no front wall!

Old door out, nice wide entrance:

Gyprock in stairwell ahead of stairs being installed:

New frame on main bedroom is up and old window is out, all wrapped up so noone really knows!
 Front doorway/new electrical box:

 Staircase starting to go in:
 W outside new front door and side light, likely to all be painted gloss black:
 Rear concrete slab with recess to allow flush door tracking.  Check out the aggregate in the cut, looks pretty even so here's hoping for a great finish when it comes the time to grind the concrete:
 Stair case finished, notice there are no stringers either side ie tread finishes right up to wall, without a timber running down each side, nice and simple:
 Underside of stairwell over study:
 The boys helping out in the light court:
 This is the look that T gives me when I say it is time to leave the house and go home!! He loves being on site:
 Stairwell from upper landing:
 Doors and windows arrive:
 Rear open plan area with doors installed:
 Front raked upper window is in:
 Rear view today, with doors in:

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