Sunday, September 8, 2013


On Monday the roofing for the first floor arrived, and the roof plumbers were on site.  We now have a flat roof with a box gutter, lots of flashings.  Builder and roof plumber working on issues to get Velux windows to work on the raked timber clad eastern first floor, slightly tricky with the flashings.  Velux windows are in for boys' bedrooms and over stairwell.  Stair case is imminent, so the trimming of the frame to accommodate the stair has commenced.  We have managed a flat landing on our U staircase, so that is fabulous. Together with the velux window in the rake and the 2m long thin skylight above the stair, I hope this stair is light and airy.  Painted lots more timber cladding, but all takes time.  As you can see, T likes helping paint (with water) and 'sawing'.  Take a look at the hot air balloons I spotted from our front verge this morning at about 7am when I went to do the first lot of painting for the day.....

Stairwell almost ready for staircase:

 View along first floor hall to bathroom:

 Boys' bedrooms each have section for desk space under rake:

All that painting seems worthwhile when I look at the charcoal stained timber knotted cladding:

 You can see new roof, with ply placed across stair skylight, and velux windows on raked section:

 New roof with box gutter:

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