Saturday, August 17, 2013


The builders worked hard this week to get that first floor floor, frame and roof beams up.  Was great to see that first bit of first floor frame go up, and to see it evolve! Only bit missing now is the rake on the eastern side.  Subfloor down in the rooms on the ground floor, so you can walk around easily now. We've all been up the ladder to the first floor now.  View is lovely.  Rooms feel a good size upstairs. I think there will be some lovely sky glimpses through different windows and skylights.  Once we plant a golden robinia in the rear yard, we will block the view down to the rear neighbours!  Window and door measure this week!

 First floor frame starting to go up.

 View from bathroom to front street.  Love the view of the birches from our neighbours' front yard.
 View down first floor hall to rear.
 Frame for skylight over stairwell (rake yet to go up).
 Kitchen and highlight window.
 First floor frame with roof beams in!

 View down first floor hall through to bathroom raked window to street.  Notice nice view to right out of hall highlight windows of sky and birches.
View from first floor playroom to rear yard.

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